• The Institute for Science and Application

    Address: Room 6.14, Building A4, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2,
    Nguyen Van Linh Street, Xuan Hoa Ward, Phuc Yen Town, Vinh Phuc Province.
    Tel: (0211) 3512468, (Ext: 614);
    Email: viennckhvud@hpu2.edu.vn
    Website: www.isa.hpu2.edu.vn
    Director of Institute:  Nguyen Xuan Thanh, MA
    ISA (was established on the basis of the Center for Scientific Research and Technology Transfer in accordance with Decision No. 1474/QD-DHSPHN2 dated November 29th 2016) has the following functions and duties:
    1. Organize research activities concerning natural sciences, social sciences, educational sciences, mathematics and technology for lecturers, researchers at the university; implement research results of educational sciences serving training and research activities of the university; consult individuals and organizations within the university for reinforcement of cooperation and integration in terms of scientific research and application.
    2. Support individuals, organizations, corporations both inside and outside the university to develop activities for international cooperation in science & technology; carry out services and activities to manage programs, projects, missions related to research cooperation in science and application.
       3. Directly carry out some programs, projects, missions related to international cooperation in research on science and application.

    1. Study to support the reinforcement of scientific research and application
    2. Carry out the following services for individuals, organizations having demands for enhancing cooperation and international integration in scientific research and application:
    + Consult policies and mechanisms on scientific management of countries around the world.
    + Provide consulting information on issued related to science, technology and application within the country and all over the world.
    + Organize training activities and contents related to international integration in science and application.
    + Consult, support the organization of programs, topics, projects and missions related to cooperation in science and application.
    + Organize events in science and application.
    1. Cooperate with related agencies within the university to operate, update and exploit database on local and international science and application (local and international experts, global science organizations and information on technology, etc.)
    2. Search, introduce and connect partners working in science and application in the university with research teams, outstanding scientists in the world; Vietnamese scientists working for enterprises, science organizations in foreign countries in order to execute programs, projects, missions related to international integration in science and application.
    3. Provide support for searching, decoding, adopting technology from domestic and foreign universities to HPU2 and Vietnam.
    4. Carry out managerial services and directly implement programs, projects and missions related to scientific cooperation as per the decision of the Rector of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 or demands of individuals and organizations.
    5. Reinforce cooperation activities with organizations to promote and enhance integration and internationalization in terms of science and application around the world.
    6. Manage the equipment, assets, human resources of the Institute in accordance with legal frameworks.
           9. Carry out other tasks as per the assignation of the Rector of HPU 2

    The facilities of the Institute include 12 labs with modern equipment from projects on Bio-chemistry; Molecular Biology, Solid-state Physics.

    Development strategy:
    ISA strives to become an agency playing a pivotal role in the process of enhancing scientific and technological activities of an education institution with research orientation, integration with economic and social development strategy of the locality, the Northern Red River Area, the Northern Midlands and the country. The Institute will be the key element in organizing activities for in-depth scientific research and application, development and technology transfer and creation of high quality scientific products; contributing to the educational, economic and social development of the locality and the country, strengthening the foothold and prestige of HPU 2.

    The Institute keeps working with the functional agencies within the university with a view to exploiting and implementing the signed results of the University’s science & technology with local and international institutions:

    + Increase the search for and the exploitation of various resources for topics, projects, programs and missions on science & technology at different levels.

    + Improve effectiveness in the operation of current research teams, establish and perform the activities of new research teams in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Literature, Chemistry, etc;

    + Organize seminars, workshops, discussions, training courses with the aim of bettering the capacity for doing scientific research and delivering announcements for lecturers, PhD candidates, learners;

    + Reinforce the organization of scientific and technological events in order to introduce, promote, exhibit and demonstrate science and technology to officers, employees, learners and PhD candidates in the university; to teachers and students from high schools, to individuals from enterprises to visit and seek further cooperation; Organize promotion and call on the locality and enterprises for cooperation and joint production.

    + Seek and sign contracts on scientific research and technological application with individuals and organizations; execute research for procedure completion and produce seedlings, scientific products as per specific contracts with cooperation agencies.
    Under the strategy for 2018-2025 period, ISA has innovative movements in organizing scientific activities and application; developing and transferring technologies, contributing to the prompt changes of the university into an educational institution with research orientation and vocational training integrated, achieving the same level of high-ranking universities within Vietnam and ASEAN.