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    The Faculty of Philology, Hanoi Pedagogical University No.2 was founded in 1975 together with the development process of the university in the period of teaching and training in Xuan Hoa town, Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc province.

    1. Milestones
    In October 1975, 323 students who had just passed the entrance exam into the faculty of philology, Hanoi University of National Education were moved to Xuan Hoa to study as the first generation of students of the Faculty of Philology, Hanoi Pedagogical University No.2 under the decision of the Ministry of Education and Training. At this time, the board of leadership of the faculty were Associate Professor Dinh Trong Lac- Dean of the faculty and teacher Dao Nguyen Tu- Vice dean of the faculty. From 1975 to 1985, the faculty had completed huge task of setting up teaching and learning infrastructure and doing training and self-training tasks at the same time. The number of lecturers and students gradually increased with enhanced quality.
    In 1985, the faculty of philology had become a big faculty with 44 official lecturers working in 5 departments and 420 students in total. In this period of national changing, there were so many difficulties for all members to carry out training and researching activities. However, the whole faculty still finished all the tasks with great results, keeping and continuing to develop the achievements of the first period, preparing for the forthcoming period full of challenges. Many staffs of the faculty were sent to study postgraduate level abroad as well as in national scientific and training centers. Students graduated from the faculty went back to the local places to work and affirmed their knowledge and working ability.  

    Since 1996 afterwards, with the favorable conditions of the country and the university, the faculty demonstrated rapid development. During this time, despite some changes in the political tasks and human resources, the faculty always completed working duties excellently, asserting its position as one of the leading training units in HPU2.

    2. Present and Future                                      
    Inheriting the achievements of the previous generations, the Faculty of Philology today has a totally new look. The Faculty has 36 staff members, including 24 associate professors and doctors, 06 PhD candidates, 12 masters, 02 senior lecturers, 16 main lecturers. The party cell has 26 members. Staffs and lecturers are professional, experienced and enthusiastic for their jobs. Many of them are highly respected scientists and experts in the field.

    About the organization, the board of leadership includes 2 lecturers: Assoc. Prof Bui Minh Duc- Dean of the faculty and Dr. Main lecturer Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh- Vice dean. The party cell committee has 3 members: Assoc. Prof Bui Minh Duc- Secretary of the party cell, Dr. Main lecturer Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh- deputy secretary and Dr. main lecturer Thanh Duc Bao Thang- member of the party cell. There are 33 lecturers working in 05 departments: Vietnamese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literature Theory, Linguistics, and Literature Teaching Methodology. In the office, there are 3 staffs working as Education Assistant and Organization Assistant.

    About teaching and training, the faculty of philology are working at 2 levels: undergraduate and postgraduate. At undergraduate level, there are 3 majors: BA of Philology Education, BS of Literature, and BA of Vietnamese Studies with more than 600 students. At postgraduate level, currently there are 4 majors including Literature Theory, Teaching theory and methodology of philology, Vietnamese Literature, and Vietnamese Language with nearly 100 learners. Besides, the faculty also train thousands of teachers from preschool, primary, secondary to high school levels in in-service training mode all over the country.

    About scientific research, lecturers from the Faculty of Philology have undertaken and participated in many grassroots projects, prioritized grassroots projects, projects at ministerial level, bilateral cooperation projects. Hundreds of reference books, journal articles and treatises have been published by the faculty members.

    The above achievements are the firm background for the faculty to continue in the future of integration and development. Being a big faculty in one of the 7 key pedagogical universities of the country, the faculty of philology are trying to become the leading training unit for philology education in both teaching size and quality by not only focusing on educating domestic students but also international ones.

    With the working philosophy “Being respectful, continuing the tradition, performing at the best and having firm steps towards the future” and the slogan of “Unity- Creativity- Development- Integration”, the faculty of philology are confident to catch the opportunities to overcome challenges and difficulties in order to strongly develop in the future.