• Library

    1. Functions:
    Assisting the Rector in organizing and managing the library and sources of scientific information, the library’s functions include: To developmaterials; To manage scientific and technical resources; To serve the university lecturers, students and staff in studying and researching.
    2. Tasks:
    - Supplementing, exchanging, categorizing and protecting all types of documents.
    - Organizing, storing and serving scientific research, state-level projects, large projects, etc
    - Developing an effective searching system, guiding readers to access and search for materials effectively.
    - Providinghigh quality library services, periodically providing bibliographic information, introducing new sources.
    - Expanding domestic and international cooperation, applying advanced scientific achievements in developing library, expanding sources and developing facilities.
    With such functions and tasks, the library always has annual, medium-term and long-termplans to develop staff and improve facilities for thedevelopment of the library.
    3. Organizational structure
    Managing board, Communist Party Cell, Labor Union:
    - Head: MA. Tran Tuan Ha
    - Deputy Head: MA. Le Dinh Lich
    - Secretary of Party Cell: MA. Tran Xuan Ban
    - Chairman of Labor Union: BA. Vu Thi Thu Hien
    Total number of staff: 26
    Organizational structure:
    Ban chủ nhiệm: Managing Board
    Phòngnghiệpvụ:Operation Office
    Biênmục: Cataloguing
    Bổ sung: Supplement
    Dịchvụthông tin: Information service
    Phòng Tin học:Information Technology Room
    Biênmụcsố: Digital cataloguing
    NguồnlựcThông tin: Information Resources
    Tin học: Information Technology
    Phòngphụcvụbạnđọc:Reader’s service office
    Đọctạichỗ: On-site reading
    Tổnghợp: Material Office
    Tracứu: Searching
    Luậnvăn: Theses
    Đaphươngtiện: Multi-media
    Anh ngữ: English
    Hánngữ: Chinese
    Mượnvề: Loaning
    Giáotrình: Textbooks
    Sáchthamkhảo: Reference books
    4. Information resources
    The Library of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 possesses rich and diversified information resources, including printed materials and digital information resources.
    The traditional collection consists of more than 27,000 documents (equivalent to nearly 100,000 copies) of textbooks, reference books, graduation theses, MA theses, dissertation, etc. and approximately 300 newspapers and magazines. The material covers all the training programs of the University.
    Digital resources include:
    + Database of books (including textbooks, lectures, MA theses, dissertation, graduation theses)
    + The University Science Journal
    + Proquest Central database
    + MathsciNet database.
    + STD database (Science and Technology Journal, Vietnam)
    + Credo ReferencesDatabase.
    5. Library’s services
    + On-site reading service
    + Home loan service
    + Multimedia services, online information mining
    + Interlibrary services, providing information on request
    Service time: 24/7
    6. Cooperation
    With an aim of cooperation in exchange of information resources, experiences in managing library information, the Library has established close relationships with libraries and large information centers, including:
    + National Library of Vietnam
    + Information Center, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
    + Library of Hanoi National University of Education
    + Library of Ho Chi Minh University of Education
    + Library of Thai Nguyen University
    + Library of Vinh University
    + Library of University of Education, Hue University
    + Library of University of Education, Danang University
    + Learning Resource Center, Can Tho University
    + Ta QuangBuu Library, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
    7. Contact:
    - Location: Floor 3, 4, 7 A2 Building, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2
    - Phone: 0211 3863 195
    - Email: thuvien.sp2@moet.edu.vn
    - Websites: http://thuvien.hpu2.edu.vn/