• Education Psychology

    Address: Room 302 – Bulding A4 (Lab Block), Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, Xuan Hoa, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc.
    Deputy Head of Division (in Charge):        Lecturer, Master Doan Ngoc Anh
    Deputy Head of Division         :                   Lecturer, Master Le Thanh Ha

    The Psychology – Pedagogy Division was founded in 1967, in line with the development history of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 over the past 50 years.

    Currently, the Division has 14 officers, lecturers (01 Assoc. Prof, 03 PhD, 10 Masters), 04 PhD learners. The employees are divided into 02 sub-divisions: Psychology and Pedagogy.

    The main functions and duties of the Division: Teaching psychology, pedagogy, pedagogical practices to students at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2; Delivering Psychology and Pedagogy subjects to learners undergoing the part-time training mode at college, university or postgraduate levels; Offering pedagogical competency subjects to students without full-time professional training; Doing scientific research into teaching quality enhancement.

    Achievements of Division:
    Since the early days of establishment, all the lecturers of the Psychology – Pedagogy Division have always fulfilled effectively the teaching functions and duties of an unit directly under the university, contributing to the learning outcome improvement of pedagogical competency subjects in particular and the comprehensive development of qualifications, working capability for learners in general.

    When it comes to the functions of lecturers, there should be a balance between teaching duties and scientific research carried out. Therefore, besides teaching, the Division values research works and urges lecturers to be more active in making lesson plans; delivering scientific research topics from university to ministerial levels and announce the research result in scientific journals, bulletins or at conferences; supervising the task of doing the master dissertation, graduate thesis for post-graduate learners and students majoring in primary or nursery education. Annually, the Division’s lecturers always achieve and exceed the targets set in terms of research hours stipulated by the university.

    Additionally, the lecturers of the division also show their dynamism in attending art and sports activities organized by the university, contributing to the general development of different events and movements. As a result, the division always achieves collective titles for progressive laborers.

            In the context of educational reforms in general and innovations in teacher training at HPU2 in particular, the Psychology – Pedagogy Division will concentrate on bettering the quality of lecturers, officers; striving to have 80% PhD lecturers by 2025. The Division shows great determination to become a cooperative and solidarity unit, enhancing the quality of training teachers and doing research works, contributing to the development of HPU2.