• PROQUEST CENTRAL - Source of useful references are available at Library of Hanoi Pedagogical University Number 2

    • 17:09 05-06-2020
    To meet the requirements of references for lecturers, Ph. D candidates and students, the university has bought use right of ProQuetst Central since 2015.

    Address: lhtv.vista.vn (internal web)

    Proquest Central: consisting of 04 following database sets:
    - STD database - Vietnam Science and Technology Materials
    - KQNC Database – reports for research findings
    - Credo Reference Database
    - Proquest Central

        * Information Resources: 25 multi-disciplinary databases, 13,000 full-text journals, 160 research fields, 56,000 multi-disciplinary dissertations of more than 90 countries, 43,000 business records, more than 1,000 conference documents and 1,300 international papers, including the leading American journals like the Wall Street Journal ... . 85,000 records with attached original documents and 600 scientific reports are updated per year. Credo Reference allows to access more than 500 full-text database sets from more than 80 worldwide reputable publishers.

    Readers are directed to access and use each of the databases.

             Our high recommendation!