• Opening ceremony Vietnamese course for officials and lecturers of Luong Nam Tha College of Education, Laos

    • 10:46 06-06-2020
    As a part of a cooperation program between Hanoi Pedagogical  University 2 and Luong Nam Tha College of Education, in the morning of November 6, 2019, Hanoi Pedagogical  University 2 organized the opening ceremony: Vietnamese course for officials  and lecturers of College of Education  Luong Nam Tha, Laos. Attending the opening ceremony were: Dr. Trinh Dinh Vinh - Vice Rector; representatives of departments: Science management and  International relations, Academic office, Student Affairs ;lectures of Linguistics, Faculty of Literature and Laos students.

    The course for Laos officials and lecturers which  is one of the cooperation programs between Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 and Luong Nam Tha College of Education. It helps train and raise qualifications for  officials  and lecturers to upgrade the college up to university in the near future.

    In the opening program, Dr. Trinh Dinh Vinh made speeches and encouraged  all  students - the key lecturers of Luong Nam Tha College of Education try their best to study, can use Vietnamese as a tool for professional research, can communicate accurately,  fluently. The Vice Rector emphasized that functional departments and Literature lectures  who teach directly will create favorable conditions for students to have a favorable and effective learning environment. At the same time. He hoped  the students can fully enjoy the beautiful time at Hanoi pedagogical  University 2, as well as in Vietnam.

    Student who representatives of Luong Nam Tha College of Education thanked the welcoming and enthusiastic support from the lecturers and officials  of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. The students also promised to try and practice their training to achieve good results and become a bridge to further develop the cooperative relationship in education between the two sides.

    Through the  course hope all students will have lots of fun and meaningful experiences with Vietnamese. After graduation, students will be admitted to  graduate  and post- graduate for their respective majors registered at Hanoi Pedagogical  University 2. The university  believes that Laos students will absorb and apply  knowledge in the learning process at there in their  works, contributing to building Luong Nam Tha College of Education into the University in the nearest time.

    (News in Vietnamese: http://hpu2.edu.vn/vi-VN/hpu2-bai-viet/khcn-va-htqt/khai-giang-khoa-boi-duong-tieng-viet-cho-can-bo-giang-vien-truong-cdsp-luong-nam-tha-nuoc-chdcnd-lao)