• Primary Education

    • 11:10 24-06-2021
    Faculty of Primary Education
    1st Floor, A4 Building, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2
    Xuan Hoa Ward, Phuc Yen District, Vinh Phuc.
    Tel: 02113512468. Email: khoagdthsp2.@moet.edu.vn. Website: https://primedu.hpu2.edu.vn
    Faculty of Primary Education was established under Decision No. 711 of the Ministry of Education and Training dated February 25, 1997. Over the past 20 years of establishment and development, Faculty of Primary Education has trained thousands of graduates of formal education, in-service students, post-graduate students and PhD students.

    Lecturers and staff have always completed their duty of training and doing scientific research, which are listed as chairing and participating in many scientific research projects at university and ministry level; compiling course books and reference materials for teaching.

    Faculty of Primary Education was awarded some emulation tiles and certificates of merit at various levels: Title “Transparent & strengthened party cell” offered for its party cell in succession; Title “Teacher of Merit”, Certificate of merit offered by the Prime Minister, Certificate of Merit offered by the Minister of Education and Training & and by Trade Union of Education, Medals and Commemorative Medals “For Contribution to Education”.

    As the faculty’s training quality has been considerably enhanced, many students were also honored to receive title “Student of Excellence”; Certificate of Merit given by The Ministry of Education & Training, by Hanoi Communist Youth Union, and by Hanoi Association of Students; “January Star” Award offered by The Central Committee of The Vietnam Student Association, by The Student Newspaper. Many of them were horned to be admitted to Vietnam Communist Party.  Besides academic activities, they always participates in the music & sports competitions, and pedagogical skills contests held by the university, and achieved high prizes.

    Lectures, the staff and students are determined to collaboratively fulfill the political tasks assigned by the university and society.

    2. Lectures and t staff
    Faculty of Primary Education currently constitutes of 24 lecturers and staffs, including two as Associate Professor, nine as Doctor, twelve as PhD student and three as Bachelor of Science. Also three specialized Divisions are categorized, which are Division of Maths & Methodologies of teaching Maths, Division of Philology – Vietnamese & Methodologies of teaching Vietnamese, and Division of Special Needs Education.

    3. Duty of the faculty
    3.1. Training & fostering duty
    • Tertiary Education training: Full-time Primary Education, Inter-college program & in-service training.
    • Postgraduate training: Courses in Master of Education degree , and Doctor of Education degree (for Primary Education)
    • Training and fostering teachers, educational managers in Primary Education sector.
    3.2. Scientific research duty
    Scientific research projects have been conducted to deal with emerging issues in primary education sector and to train primary education teachers for educational demands.

    Faculty of Primary Education is currently ranked as the top-list one, which is shown by its training quality over the past 20 years, student’s high rate of employment after graduation, and their professional capacity acknowledged, making them become the core teachers or educational managers at various levels. The above-mentioned fruit is now the motivation for lectures and staff to devote themselves to training learners, the development of the faculty & of the university, and to the trust received by the university & society.