• Faculty of Preschool Education

    • 17:00 27-06-2021
    Address: Room 1.12, A4 Building, Hanoi Pedagogical University No.2, Xuan Hoa town, Phuc Yen city.
    Tel: 02113851467, 02113851468, 02113851469, ext.: 1030
           Email: khoagdmn@hpu2.edu.vn 
    Website: https://presedu.hpu2.edu.vn

    Faculty of Preschool Education was founded under the decision 786/QD- DHSPHN2 on 14 August 2015, before that it belonged to the Faculty of Primary Education. The faculty started training students from the academic year 2005-2006. With more than 10 year experience, the faculty has educated thousands of students in regular training mode as well as tens of thousands in-service students.
    Staffs and lecturers of the faculty always finish their tasks at their best. They have joined various big projects, compiled teaching and training documents, reference documents, and participated in many educational programs and projects of The Ministry of Education and Training. The training quality is improving gradually. There have been many students winning the title of  Five Good at national level, Excellent Graduates, “Sao thang Gieng” by the Vietnam Student Union; and/or being achieved the Merit Certificate of The Ministry of Education and Training, of Youth Union, Students Association of Hanoi. There are also many students being honored to stand in the ranks of the Party.
    The students as well as staff members in the faculty actively take part in various events within and outside the university such as arts, sports and pedagogical training events like the national singing contest or folksong contest for students, football championship, beautiful voice and dance, etc. In the academic year of 2014-2015, a lecturer won the first prize of the Contest named Nữ giảng viên sư phạm duyên dáng, tài năng.
    Faculty of Preschool Education has awarded many competitive titles such as The Good Collective Labor of HPU2, the Excellence Collective Labor of the MOET, The Excellent Member at Grassroot Level. In many years, the party branch of the faculty has achieved the title of “ Strong and Good Party branch”.

    Currently, Faculty of Preschool Education has maintained the international cooperation with universities in Belgium and the USA. We exchange students, lecturers in many scientific projects. Being such a strongly growing faculty in HPU2, the students can easily find jobs that are suitable with their professional ability after graduation. With good teaching facilities, together with good team of qualified, enthusiastic lecturers and staffs, the faculty can always affirm its place and the excellence in the quality of teaching and training.

    Faculty Structure
    Currently, the faculty have 13 staffs and lecturers, including 01 Associate Professor, 03 Doctor, 01 PhD candidate, 07 MA, and 01 BA.
    Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Thu Hương
    Vice Dean: Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hương

    3 departments:
         1. Department of Natural Science
         2. Department of Social Science
         3. Department of Art Education
     Number of regular training students: approximately 1000.

         - Training undergraduate and postgraduate students:
         1) BS of Preschool Education (regular and in-service mode)
         2) MA of Preschool Education
    Besides, the faculty is carrying out the advance class for students using English as teaching medium. This is done as an attempt to educate high quality students that can meet the current demand of the labor market. 
         - Undertaking scientific research projects on the field of preschool.
         - Providing training programs, compiling training documents for learners of all levels.
         - Fostering professional knowledge and skills for preschool teachers and administrators.
         - Consulting administrative levels for policies, strategies and action plans for preschool.
         - Taking part in international cooperative projects on preschool undergraduate and postgraduate training.