• Faculty of Political Education

    • 17:02 27-06-2021
    Address: 3rd Floor, A4 Building
    Tel: (0211) 3863678
    Head board
    Dean: Dr. Tran Thi Hong Loan
    Political Education Faculty established in January 2007. Forerunner of Faculty was Marxist – Lenin Subject – one of Subjects was born when the school established newly.
    Previous, officials of faculty has taught for students of non-professional major and research documents of science topic serve to teaching.
    Through years of history, even if many people around the world and in countries have variation of stance, ideology, staff of faculty has always completed the political tasks are teaches Marxism-Leninism, propagandize guidelines, policies of the Party and State for students in school, self-learning and scientific research to improve the level.
    9 staffs have successfully defended doctor thesis, 10 staffs have reached masters level and 12 staffs have been recognized main lecturers. Many officers were successful in the new field of work.
    Since 2002, with the strengths of the school, meet the political tasks of the Party and State entrusted, concurrently, meet requirements of society, Faculty has enrolled two branches: Bachelor of Science in political education and Bachelor of Science in History.
    In 2008-2009, Faculty continues to open branches of citizen Education - Defense Education with total about 700 students.
    Unit now, Faculty has 21 teachers and 02 Experts; Faculty has had great contributions in scientific research and education career and training of the country.
    In the previous school year, the Faculty has completed excellent tasks of the school that teaching for regular students of school about 11 thousand hours, for extension students link with the localities about four thousand hours; accepted and prepare to accept 03 science topics of ministry level, five Topics of school-level; prepare to accept key science topic of ministry level and register 03 topics of ministry level.
    Faculty has successfully organized three scientific conferences, participated conferences and scientific seminars in scientific basis, there are many articles published on journals and wrote many books treatises.