• Faculty of Physics

    • 16:54 27-06-2021
    Address: Room 2.13 – 2.15 , A4 Building
    Telephone: (0211) 3863467, (0211) 3 3863468, (0211) 3863469
    -Extension: 215 (Dean)
    214 (Assistants for cademic affairs and administration)
    216 (The common room)
    Vice Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Dinh Trong
    The Faculty of Physics was established on 11 October, 1975.
    Apart from scientific research, the faculty is supposed to train and foster human resources of tertiary level and postgraduate level with high quality in the field of Physics, meet the need of education and training institutions, inistitutes for  research of Physics. Currently, the fileds of training in the faculty of Physics inlcudes:
    -Tertiary level training:
    + Bachelors of teaching Physics in English
    +Bachelors of teaching Physics
    + Bachelors of teaching Technological Education
    -Postgraduate training:
    +Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics
    +Physics of solids
    +Theoretical knowledge and methods of teaching Physics
    -Doctoral training: the filed of Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics
    The process of development and maturity of the faculty consists of three stages:
    From 1975 to 1985:
    The faculty was established when the American war had just ended and the country had just been freed. The conditions for teaching, learning and living were very difficult. However, the entire staff and students tried their best and were determined to complete all the tasks assigned.
    The Deans of the faculty in this stage wee:
    1. Dr Pham Khac Chi(1975-978)
    2. Dr Nguyen Ba Chiem (1978-1981)
    3. Dr Pham Gia Cuu (1981-1985)
    From 1985-1995:
    In this stage, the faculty’s activities became gradually stable. The movement teaching and learning was promoted step by step by the staff and students. The staff’s level of knowledge was considerrably improved. There were lots of PhD students and Master students who were trained domestically and internationally.
    In scientifica research, there were lots of articles printed in domestic and international magazines. There were a lot of high quality scientific works at University level and Ministry level.

    The teaching staff trained promoted the available traditional qualities and contributed to confirm the faculty’s prestige and training quality.
    The faculty leaders in this stage were:
    1. Dr Tran Quoc Tuy (1985-1988)
    2. Dr Dang Xuan Hai (1988-1992)
    3. Senior Lecturer Tran San (1992-1993)
    4. Associate Professor Ta Tri Phuong (1993-1997)
    From 1195 to now:
    The faculty of Physics used to have the biggest total number of staff being forty four.  The teaching staff of the faculty has gradually become younger at the age of 30 to 35.

    The faculty has had four specalized groups: The group of Fundamental Physics, The group of Teaching Methods, The group of Theoretical Physics and The group of Physics of Solids and Techniques.

    The faculty’s duty is to train the Bachelors of Education in the following fields: Physics, Industrial Techniques (currently being Technological Education Teaching); Bachelors of Science, with full time and  part time  modes of training. Also, it is supposed to train Masters of Physics in the three fields: Physics of solids, Theoretical knowledge and methods of teaching Physics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics as well as Doctor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics. The annual total number of university students and postgraduate students are nearly 400 and 50 respectively.

    Nowadays, the Faculty of Physics, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 has gained a high position and its fame in the community. The number of Doctors and Masters of the faculty has become bigger and bigger. The staff’s self-study to upgrade their specialized knowledge level and professional level has been considered indispensable. The faculty’s products every year has been highly appreciated by the community. The faculty has been regarded as a reliable institution for training the experts of educational science.
    The students attending courses offered by the faculty have gained themselves high appreciations in the community after graduation. Many of them have held important positions at high schools such as Principal, Vice Principal. Some of them have become Directors of Departments. Some others who do not work in the field of education have also grown up very well and many of them have become managers of enterprises.
    The faculty leaders in this stage were:
    1. Associate Professor Ta Tri Phuong (1993-1997)
    2. Excellent teacher, Dr Nguyen Dong Dung (1997-2005)
    3. Associate Professor, Dr Nguyen Thi Ha Loan (2005-2007)
    4. Dr Nguyen The Khoi (2007-2015)
    5. Associate Professor Dr Nguyen Van Thu (2015 to now)