• Faculty of Mathematics

    • 14:15 25-06-2021
    Department of Mathematics, Ha Noi Pedagogical University 2
    Address: Room 2.4 and Room 2.5, Four-Floor Building, Headquarters
    Phone: 00 84 211 3 863 200 (f-rom an oversea phone), 0211 3863 200 ( f-rom a domestic phone)
    Website: https://maths.hpu2.edu.vn
    Department Administrators:
    Dean:  Dr.Trần Văn Bằng (Senior lecturer)
    Vice Dean: Dr.Nguyễn Thị Kiều Nga (Senior lecturer)
    Vice Dean: Dr. Nguyễn Văn Tuyên
    Faculty of Mathematics, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2,was established in 1967. After moved to different regions to avoid the war, in 1975, the Faculty was moved to Xuan Hoa town, which now is Xuan Hoa ward, Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc province. At present, there are 30 staff members, including 28 lecturers and 02 administrative employees. Among them, there are 09 PhD, 13 MSc and 05 BA. In terms of titles, Faculty has 01 Assoc. Prof – core lecturer, 06 senior lecturers and 21 lecturers. In terms of training, Faculty of Mathematics currently provides full-time training of Bachelor of Mathematics Teacher Education with approximately 200 students per year and training for part-time students. Regarding postgraduate training, the Faculty has two Master's programs in Mathematical Analysis and Applied Mathematics and one Ph.D. program in Mathematical Analysis with a total of 100 students per year. In addition, the Faculty is responsible for teaching some mathematics modules to students of other faculties in the university.                 
    Closely linked to the establishment and development process of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, the Faculty’s history and development can be divided into 3 periods:
    The first period, the establishment, was from 1967 to 1975. At this time, many lecturers and students of the Faculty became soldiers to defend the nation. When the war was over, along with many other units, the Faculty was moved to the town of Xuan Hoa, Me Linh district, Hanoi.
    The second period, the development, was from 1975 to 1991. The condition of living, teaching and learning of its staff and students in this period was very difficult. Not only did lecturers and students of the Faculty have to teach and study but they also participated in the construction of the University’s infrastructure. Steering the boat of Faculty of Mathematics during this period was the late meritorious teacherMr. Do Minh Tu (1975-1981), then the latemeritorious teacher Assoc. Prof. Doctor Nguyen Quy Khang (1981-1991). Step by step, lecturers and students in the Faculty overcame the difficulties, focused on improving the quality of training and achieved important results. The number of lecturers and students of the Faculty is gradually increasing, opening a new era.
    The third period, the development and integration, is from 1991 to present. In the early 1990s, the socialist countries, including Vietnam, had many political, economic and social changes. Preserving the tradition, generations of lecturers and students of the Faculty however keep overcoming the difficulties of the country’s first period in the market economy, constantly improve the quality of teaching and training standards, meeting social needs. In the opening and integration era, the country has experienced significant changes in education and training. In such favorable conditions, the Faculty has grown rapidly and become internationally integrated. Those who have great contribution to its development are the late Dr. Kieu Duc Thanh (1992-1996), Msc. Phan Hong Truong (1996-2002), Dr. Dr Khuat Van Ninh (2002-2006), Dr. Nguyen Van Hung (2006-2011), Dr Tran Minh Tuoc (2011-2018) and Dr. Tran Van Bang (the present Dean).
    The training quality of Faculty of Mathematics has now been confirmed from the positive feedback of employers, from the success of the National Mathematics Olympiads for students, etc. Faculty of Mathematics, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 is among the top-ranked Mathematics Faculties in the country, being priority choices for high school students in the localities. Every year, the Faculty of Mathematics holds Mathematics Olympiad for students who are interested in mathematics. From this competition, the Faculty select a team to participate in National Mathematics Olympiads in which many students have won high prizes. Thereby, they have grown up, being honored to become teachers and successful in scientific research.
    At the beginning of the 21st century, with a strategic vision of training to meet the social requirements and with the approval of Ministry of Education and Training, Faculty of Mathematics opened Master programs in Mathematics Analysis, Applied Mathematics and PhD program in Mathematics Analysis. With the aim of improving the quality of higher education and meeting the demand ofhighly-qualified human resources, in the school year of 2015-2016, Faculty of Mathematics advised the University to establish collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology. As a result,Mathematics Teacher Education fast-track program andMathematics Teacher Education program taught in English were developed and implemented. In addition, the faculty also works with many domestic and international institutions of research and training.
    In the era of education innovation, Faculty of Mathematics always plays an important role in the contribution of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 to the nation’s education. For more than 40 years of development in Xuan Hoa, training and professional development of lecturers have always been a concern. In the early years, there were only 3 doctors, so far there have been over 20 lecturers who successfully defended doctoral dissertation in and outside the country, many of them are young lecturers. In line with the university’s vision of becoming a research-oriented and teacher training university in 2030, the Faculty has given priority to scientific research and international cooperation. At present, Faculty of Mathematics is one of the lead units in scientific research. There are a large number of ministerial level research projects, NAFOSTED research projects, the protocol of bilateral international cooperation research projects, university-level research projects. Scientific works are mainly published in reputable domestic and international journals. Apart from cooperating with leading research institutions in the country, the Faculty also has cooperation in science with countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore ...There are short-term student exchange programs with foreign universities.
    So far, with thousands of graduates, the Faculty has provided a powerful force of teachers, making a great contribution to the education of the country. Many alumni are now dedicated teachers, leaders at high schools, Departments of Education and Training, leaders of departments at Minister of Education and Training, leaders of the University and leaders of the Communist Party units and local authorities. Faculty of Mathematics has been awarded with many emulation titles and flags by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Prime Minister. In particular, the Faculty was awarded the Third Labor Medal in 2014.
    With the new opportunities and challenges of the country and the education sector, Faculty of Mathematics will preserve its traditions; promote integration and creativity, deserving to be a lead unit of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2.