• Faculty of History

    • 11:21 25-06-2021
    Faculty of History, formally Division of History directly under Faculty of Political Education, was established based on Decision No.162/QD-DHSPHN2 dated March 25th 2011 by the Rector of Hanoi Pedagogical University 2.

    In its first day, Faculty of History consisted of 11 staff members including 09 lecturers and 02 administrative staffs. By September 2018, it has 18 lecturers and 2 administrative staffs, in which there are 05 Bachelors of Arts, 09 Doctors of Philosophy, and 2 oversea PhD students).

    The faculty is structured into 3 divisions:  Division of Vietnamese History, Division of the World History and History Teaching Division.

    Since the first day of its founding, with the great effort made by all of its staffs and students, Faculty of History has always been awarded Advanced and Excellent Labor Collectivequot.

    For the time coming, Faculty’s vital mission to be focused on are developing teachers' profession, increasing the quality of training and scientific research. With the motto "Democracy, solidarity, creativity, discipline and integration, Faculty of History is believed to keep growing to have great contribution to the university's development.