• The Medical Station

    • 10:05 28-06-2021

    Medical station was established in 1977.

    Functions and duties:

    Manage, care, health protection, medical treatment, initial emergency for officers, students in school; disease prevention, environment sanitation, school sanitation, collective dining hygiene; propagandize about health education, disease prevention; Implement works of  students medical insurance; manage facilities are assigned.

    At the present, Unit has eight officers, including: 1  Main Doctor, 1 doctor, 1 physician, main nurses: 03, pharmacist: 1; 1 nurse’s aide.


    Every year, Station has completed tasks assigned:

    Organize medical examination for 3877 officers, students; Examine, treat for more than 4236 students; treating in station is 84.07%, acupuncture 657 times; health counseling 724 times; Promoting the role of public medicine.
    There are many initiatives in works of diagnose and treat diseases as: gastritis, colitis…Organize to mobilize students participate medical insurance reached 41.52% ...