• Foreign Languages

    Dean: Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhật

    Vice-Dean: Senior lecturer, Master. Nguyễn Thị Lễ

    Party Secretary: Dr. Trần Linh Chi

    Faculty of Foreign Languages was established on January, 15th, 2007 with three major training-tasks including: (1) teaching English, (2) teaching Chinese and (3) training English Language teachers. Additionally, the Faculty is in charge of teaching English for all students of HPU2 whose majors are not English at Bachelor and Postgraduate levels. Furthermore, it takes part in and helps develop scientific research of different specialized-fields at the University.
    Lecturers of the Faculty are characterized as young, highly motivated and responsible. The majorities hold Master Degrees and meet MOET Standards of language ability and professional skills. Some of them have been trained at prestigious institutions in Vietnam while the others have been trained in world-recognized Universities in England, Australia and China.
    Currently, the Faculty has 41 lecturers and officers, among whom, five are PhDs, 5 are PhD candidates, 3 are American experts and 3 are Chinese experts.
    Students of Faculty of Foreign Languages have opportunity to:
    - Continue their study overseas; receive scholarships from the University or businesses.
    - Do internships at one of 50 schools or large companies who are partners of the Faculty such as Texthong Cooperation, Lâm Viễn Limited Company, Ngọc Minh Translation Company, Đại Lải Flamengo Resort
    - Participate in local and international summer courses.
    - Work immediately right after graduation.

    Job opportunities after graduation:
    Students graduating from Faculty of Foreign Languages-Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 are able to work in a variety of professions related to foreign languages. Most of them are highly qualified, able to use 2 foreign languages (of which one is their major), well-behaved morally, communicative, creative and highly critical. Their educational backgrounds are sufficient for them to continue their study at higher levels.

    1. Pedagogy: 
    - After graduation, Bachelors of Language Pedagogy (Language Teachers) are competent to work as teachers at all levels of the Vietnamese education system, ranging from primary schools to colleges/ universities. They are also able to continue their career as academic researchers who involve in research about language teaching, linguistics or international studies.

    - In addition, they will be able to work as translators, interpreters or linguistics experts after they have finished cross-linguistics study.
    2. Language Field:
    - Graduates majoring in Languages will be able to work in offices of foreign companies, joint-ventures or companies in Vietnam.
    - They will be able to work independently as translators, interpreters or editors. They can also work as foreign-relation officers in different companies, press and television agencies, social organizations, State-owned companies, and domestic/ foreign enterprises. Another option is to work as tour guides at travel agencies.

    Along with the development of HPU2, Faculty of Foreign Languages is actively transforming and gradually bettering itself in all aspects. Training types and programs are being diversified and quality of training are being improved so that the Faculty will become one of those at HPU2 being strong at teaching/ training and researching. Another mission of the Faculty is to become one of the best institutes in foreign language training and scientific research conducting, not only in the country but also regionally and internationally, in order to meet the increasing demand of the society for human resources with foreign language competence.
    The Faculty also aims to broaden the scale and improve the quality of international cooperation in the field of training and scientific research. It targets to raise international cooperation to strategic level, turn it into spearhead and strength of the Faculty with the motto: Innovation – Job Opportunities - International integration.

    Contact Detais:

    Faculty of Foreign Languages - Hà Nội Pedagogical University 2: Room 1.04 Building A4

    Email: khoannhpu2@gmail.com