International Workshop

Variational Analysis and Related Topics”

dedicated to Professor Boris Mordukhovich's 70th birthday


Time: December 13-15, 2018

Place: Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, Xuan Hoa, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam


Variational Analysis is a powerful tool to study optimization problems and equilibrium problems. The advanced techniques based on the notions of tangent and normal cones to sets, derivative and coderivative of multifuntions, subdifferentials of extended-real-valued functions, together with the comprehensive calculus rules not only help to analyze these problems analytically, but also allow ones to construct efficient algorithms to solve them.

Having a PhD program in Analysis, a master program in Applied Mathematics, and a group of active researchers in Optimization Theory and Equilibrium Theory, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 organizes this International Workshop Variational Analysis and Related Topics” (December 13-15, 2018) to create a forum for experts and young researchers in Variational Analysis, Optimization Theory, and Equilibrium Theory to exchange new ideas, techniques, and results.

This Workshop is dedicated to Professor Boris Mordukhovich's 70th birthday. His distinguished contributions to Variational Analysis, Optimization Theory, and Equilibrium Theory will be highlighted.

All participants will be provided with accommodations and meals. Several Vietnamese and foreign invited speakers will receive airfare support.

Organizing Institution and Sponsor: Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

Organizing Committee: Nguyen Quang Huy – Chairman, Tran Van Bang,  Bui Kien Cuong, Nguyen Huy Hung, Nguyen Hoang Ngoc, Chu Vinh Quyen, Phung Gia The, Hoang Ngoc Tuan, Nguyen Dong Yen 

Scientific Committee: Nguyen Quang Huy – Chairman, Nguyen Huy Chieu, Bui Trong Kien, Huynh Van Ngai, Pham Tien Son, Nguyen Nang Tam, Hoang Ngoc Tuan, Nguyen Van Tuyen, Nguyen Dong Yen.

Invited lecturers: Lam Quoc Anh, Jein Shan Chen, Nguyen Huy Chieu, Andrew Eberhard, Truong Xuan Duc Ha, Bui Trong Kien, Gue Myung Lee, Chong Li, Nguyen Van Luong, Juan Enrique Martinez-Legaz, Boris Mordukhovich, Le Dung Muu, Huynh Van Ngai, Wei Ouyang, Hector Ramirez, Ebrahim Sarabi, Pham Tien Son, Defeng Sun, Nguyen Nang Tam, Michel Théra, Nguyen Van Tuyen, Cao Hoang Tan, Shawn Xianfu Wang, Hong Kun Xu, Xiaoqi Yang, Jane Ye, Xi Yin Zheng and others.

Language:  English

Registration fee: Not required

Workshop website:

Deadline for registration: September 20, 2018

Deadline for submitting abstracts of talks: September 30, 2018

Contact:  Dr. Hoang Ngoc Tuan (