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Systems for experimental vacuum coating - Oerlikon Leybold Univex 400

Oerlikon Leybold Univex 400

Manufacturer Leybold
Production year 2015
Systems for experimental vacuum coating - Oerlikon Leybold Univex 400
The UNIVEX 400 is our most popular box-coating system for R&D and pilot-scale coating applications. The chamber can be configured for:
Common Applications:
  • Thin film solar: CdTe, CIGS, CZTS sputtered processes
  • Organic Electronics (PV, OLEDS)
  • Optical coatings
  • Microelectronics
Chamber Size Width: 420 mm
Depth: 480 mm
Height: 550 mm
Thermal evaporation Up to 8 materials
Organic evaporation Up to 8 materials
E-beam Evaporation Multi-pocket and/or single pocket
Sputtering Up or down, 4 X 2”, 3 X 3”, 2 X 4” or other
Co-Deposition Evaporation and/or sputtering
Ion Assisted Deposition Optional
Loadlock compatible Optional
Water tempered chamber Optional
Vacuum Level Mid 10-7
UHV Version Optional
Cleanroom compatible Yes
Spark Plasma Sintering


Manufacturer Sinter Land
Production year 2016
Spark Plasma Sintering Sinter Land Labox-210
The concept is "High Function & Simple Operation". Compact body with essential function for advanced material development.
  • A body with a simplified structure and equipped with a high cost performance recent hardware.
  • Does support a large range of processing from sintering, joining, molding to surface improvement of metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc...
  • An all in one setup of a low energy, low noise and light weight designed compact body with a pulse generator, a vacuum exhausting system, a load driving system and a control panel.
  • With invertor generator and digital turbo, low energy consumption is achieved and noise is removed.
  • Body size is reduced by the removal of unnecessary pipes and cables.
  • It can be placed on a desk.
  • Easy move by the attached caster due to its light weight.
  • Adoption of vacuum chamber large door, LCD touch panel, interlock functions, easy maintenance, etc…are considered for an easy and safe working with the machine. So, the operation is simple and does not require high skills. A beginner can perform high quality sintering of products using this machine.
Maximum load 10kN[1.02 tons]
Z-axis loading stroke 50 mm (Open height 150mm)
Load control Manual hydraulic drive, uniaxial vertical pressing
Sample stage size D55mm
Vacuum Chamber Water cooling system
Maximum working temperature 2500℃ (nominal 2200℃) *
Vacuum exhaust structure Rotary pump (~6Pa /15min)
Vacuum gage Bourdon gauge, Pirani gauge
Working atmosphere Vacuum, Neutral gas, Air
Maximum DC current pulse 1000A
Pulse control ON/OFF DC pulse control
Pulse width Fix
Power Three-phase AC200V/220V 50/60Hz
Body size (WxDxH), mm
(table and power supply included)
(table and power supply included)
*. Depends on the type of material to be sintered, on die size and holding time for sintering

Ultrasonic cleaning unit

Elmasonic S 300 (H)

Manufacturer ELMA
Production year 2016
Ultrasonic cleaning unit
Further advantages:
● high-performance 37 kHz sandwich transducer systems
● cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
● user-friendly and clear operating panel, splash water proof
● LED-Display showing set and remaining time of cleaning period
● Turning knob for setting continued and short-period operation fr om 1 to 30 min
● temperature-controlled ultrasonic operation (applies only for units with heating)
● sweep function for an optimised sound field distribution in the cleaning liquid by frequency modulation
● degas function for the efficient degassing of the cleaning liquid and for laboratory purposes
● auto degas function for automatic degassing cycles, i.e. with fresh cleaning liquids
● dry-run protected heating (applies only for units with heating)
● Turning knob temperature (applies only for units w. heating). Temperature range variable in 5°C steps from 30° up to 80°C
● LED-Display for pre-set and actual temperature (applies only for units with heating)
● ergonomically shaped plastic handles
● Turning knob for tank drainage at side of unit for simple get effective draining of tank
Mains voltage (Vac) 220-240 V
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz) 37
Power consumption total S 300 (W) 300
Power consumption total S 300 H (W) 1500
Ultrasonic power effective (W) 300
Ultrasonic peak performance max.**(W) 1200
Heating power (units w. heating) (W) 1200
Unit outer dimensions W / D / H (mm) 568 / 340 / 321
Tank internal dimensions W / D / H (mm) 505 / 300 / 200
Basket internal dimensions W / D / H (mm) 455 / 250 / 115
Max. filling volume tank (lit. / gal.) 28 / 7.4
Weight (kg) 11.0
Material tank stainless steel
Material casing stainless steel
Drain 3/8“
Carrying handles (plastic)
Protection class IP 20
CrushIR Digital Hydraulic Press

CrushIR-Digital Hydraulic Press

Manufacturer PIKE
Production year 2016
CrushIR-Digital Hydraulic Press
CrushIR is a new and advanced hydraulic press for making high quality KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis. The press provides excellent reproducibility with its combination of digital pressure reading and adjustable maximum pressure setting thus preventing damage to the pellet die. The new PIKE CrushIR includes a transparent protective shield making it safe for operation in a busy laboratory environment. Access for vacuum hose and other utilities is made through a port in the rear of the press.
  • Up to 15 ton of force
  • Digital force readout
  • Adjustable maximum force
  • Small footprint
  • Transparent safety shield
  Metric English
Clamp Force, max 13.6 metric tons 15 US tons
Platen Diameter 100 mm 3.94”
Ram Stroke 5 mm 0.2”
Die Height Range 5–11.5 cm 2–4”
Dimensions (W x D x H) 31 x 25 x 35 cm 12 x 9.8 x 13.5”
Mass 23.6 kg 52 lbs
Input Voltage 90–264 V, auto setting,
external power supply
Output Voltage 9 VDC/18 W  
Hotplate with Stirrer


Manufacturer BIBBY
Production year 2016
CrushIR-Digital Hydraulic Press
Stylish and economical general purpose hotplate stirrers designed with safety as well as performance in mind. The compact shape takes up less bench space and makes storage easier. The hotplate has an innovative LED temperature indicator scale and can also be used in conjunction with the SCT1 digital contact thermometer to accurately control sample temperature.
The "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off and unplugged from the mains. Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and is capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres *).
Model UC152 has a glass ceramic top which has excellent chemical resistance. The surface is easy to clean and the thermal properties allow very high plate temperatures while ensuring the edges stay cooler, reducing the chance of  ccidental burns. The white surface ensures good visibility of colour changes.
Plate Material Glass ceramic
Plate Dimensions, mm 150 x 150
Heated Area, mm 120 x 120
Heater Power, Watt 500
Max plate temp, °:C 450
Stirrer Speed, rpm 100 - 2000
Maximum Stirring Capacity, L * 15
Dimensions (w x d x h), mm 172 x 248 x 122
Net weight, kg 2.9
Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 550W
IP Rating 32
6 1
 Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat instruments
Model PGSTAT302N
Manufacturer Metrohm Autolab B.V., Utrecht, The Netherland
Production year 2012

Autolab PGSTAT302N - High Performance

This high end, high current potentiostat/galvanostat, with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of 1 MHz, combined with our FRA32M module, is specially designed for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.
The PGSTAT302N is the succesor of the popular PGSTAT30. The maximum current is 2 A, the current range can be extended to 20 A with the BOOSTER20A, the current resolution is 30 fA at a current range of 10 nA.
Key features   Compatible modules
Electrode connections 2, 3 and 4 EQCM
Potential range +/- 10 V FRA32M
Compliance voltage +/- 30 V BA
Maximum current +/- 2 A (20 A with BOOSTER20A) BOOSTER20A/10A
Current ranges 1 A to 10 nA (100 pA with ECD module) ECD
Potential accuracy +/- 0.2 % SCAN250
Potential resolution 0.3 µV ADC10M
Current accuracy +/- 0.2 % MUX
Current resolution 0.0003 % (of current range) FI20
Input impedance > 1 TOhm pX1000
Potentiostat bandwidth 1 MHz ECN
Computer interface USB  
Control software NOVA  
7 2
Lock-in Amplifier
Model SR830
Manufacturer Stanford Research Systems, Inc.
Production year 2005
SR830 - 100 kHz lock-in amplifier
The SR830 Lock-In Amplifier provides high performance at a reasonable cost. The SR830 simultaneously displays the magnitude and phase of a signal.
It uses digital signal processing (DSP) to replace the demodulators, output filters, and amplifiers found in conventional lock-ins.
Signal channel  
Voltage Inputs Single-ended (A) or differential (A-B)
Current Input 106 or 108 Volts/Amp
Full Scale Sensitivity 2 nV to 1 V in a 1-2-5-10 sequence (expand off)
Input Impedance Voltage: 10 MW+25 pF, AC or DC coupled
Current: 1 kW to virtual ground
Gain Accuracy ±1% from 20°C to 30°C (notch filters off), ±0.2 % Typical
Input Noise 6 nV/Hz at 1 kHz (typical)
Signal Filters 60 (50) Hz and 120(100) Hz notch filters (Q=4)
CMRR 100 dB to10 kHz (DC Coupled), decreasing by 6db/octave above 10 kHz
Dynamic Reserve Greater than 100 dB (with no signal filters)
Harmonic Distortion -80 dB
Reference channel  
Frequency Range 1 mHz to 100 kHz
Reference Input TTL (rising or falling edge) or Sine
Sine input is1 MW, AC coupled (>1 Hz)
400 mV pk-pk minimum signal
Phase Resolution <1°
Absolute Phase Error <0.01°
Phase Noise External synthesized reference: 0.005° rms at 1 kHz, 100 ms, 12 dB/oct. Internal reference: crystal synthesized.
Phase Drift <0.01°/°C below 10 kHz
Zero Stability Digital displays have no zero drift on all dynamic reserves
Analog outputs: <5 ppm/°C for all dynamic reserves
Time constants 10 µs to 30 s (reference > 200 Hz). 6, 12, 18, 24 dB/oct rolloff.
up to 30000 s (reference < 200 Hz). 6, 12, 18, 24 dB/oct rolloff.
Harmonic Rejection -80 dB
Internal oscillator  
Frequency 1 mHz to 100 kHz
Frequency Accuracy 25 ppm + 30 µHz
Frequency Resolution 4 1/2 digits or 0.1 mHz, whichever is greater
Distortion f<10 kHz, below -70 dBc.1 Vrms amplitude
Output Impedance 50 W
Amplitude 4 mVrms to 5 Vrms (into a high impedance load) with 2 mV resolution. (2 mVrms to 2.5 Vrms into 50W load)
Amplitude Accuracy 1%
Amplitude Stability 50 ppm/°C
Outputs Sine output on front panel
TTL sync output on rear panel. When using an external reference, both outputs are phase locked to the external reference
8 3
Horizontal Furnace
Carbolite CTF 12/100/900
Model CTF 12/100/900
Manufacturer Carbolite
Production year 2008
Horizontal Furnace - CTF 12/100/900
Maximum operating temperature of 1200&#176C.
Rapid heat-up to operating temperature.
Integral ceramic work tube with external element winding creates furnace chamber.
Integral ceramic work tube is convenient and suitable for processing in air.
Easily slide a separate tube through work tube for processing under atmosphere.
Furnace incorporates low thermal mass ceramic fiber insulation for improved response times.
Furnaces are normally mounted horizontally on a support base or cabinet.
Thermocouple is located in a protection tube between the chamber work tube and heating element.
All wire-wound tube furnaces can be provided for optional vertical operation.
Safety outer mesh guard provides low temperature external surface.
Furnace controls are built into the supporting base or cabinet, providing convenient observation and access to all power and temperature controls.
Choice of Model 301 control or programmers.
Choice of multiple accessories and options, including process tubes, gas tight end seals, insulating plugs, radiation shields, etc.
Product Category Laboratory Furnaces
Temperature Range 0.0 to 1200 C (32 to 2192 F)
Width / Tube O.D. 100 mm (3.94 inch)
Length 900 mm (35.43 inch)
Configuration Tube; Solid Design
Features Horizontal; Vertical (optional feature); Thermocouple Calibration; Wire-Wound
9 4 Planetary Ball Mill
M 400

PM 400

Manufacturer Retsch
Production year 2008
Planetary Ball Mill - PM 400
Planetary Ball Mills are used wherever the highest degree of fineness is required. Apart from the classical mixing and size reduction processes, the mills also meet all the technical requirements for colloidal grinding and have the energy input neces
  • Powerful and quick grinding down to nano range
  • Reproducible results due to energy and speed control
  • Suitable for long-term trials and continuous use
  • 2 different grinding modes (dry and wet)
  • Optional pressure and temperature measuring system PM GrindControl
  • Measurement of energy input
  • Wide range of materials for contamination free grinding
  • Safety Slider for safe operation
  • Comfortable parameter setting via display and ergonomic 1-button operation
  • Automatic grinding chamber ventilation
  • 10 SOPs can be stored
  • Programmable starting time
  • Power failure backup ensures storage of remaining grinding time
Applications Pulverizing, mixing, homogenizing, colloidal milling, mechanical alloying
Field of application Agriculture, biology, Chemistry, construction materials, engineering / electronics, environment / recycling, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals
Feed material Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous - dry or wet
Size reduction principle Impact, friction
Material feed size < 10 mm
Final fineness < 1 µm, for colloidal grinding < 0.1 µm
Batch size / feed quantity Max. 4 x 220 ml, max. 8 x 20ml with stacked grinding jars
No. of grinding stations 4 / 2
Speed ratio 1:-2 / 1:-2.5 / 1:-3
Sun wheel speed 30 - 400 min-1
Effective sun wheel diameter 300 mm
G-force 26.8 g
Type of grinding jars "Comfort", optional areation covers, safety closure devices
Material of grinding tools Hardened steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, agate, sintered aluminium oxide, silicon nitride, zirconium oxide
Grinding jar sizes 12 ml / 25 ml / 50 ml / 80 ml / 125 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml
Setting of grinding time Digital, 00:00:01 to 99:59:59
Interval operation Yes, with direction reversal
Interval time 00:00:01 to 99:59:59
Pause time 00:00:01 to 99:59:59
Storable SOPs 10
Measurement of input energy possible Yes
Interface RS 232 / RS 485
Drive 3-phase asynchronous motor with frequency converter
Drive power 1.5 kW
Electrical supply data Different voltages
Power connection 1-phase
Protection code IP 30
Power consumption ~ 2100 W (VA)
W x H x D closed 836 x 1220 (1900) x 780 mm
Net weight ~ 290 kg
Standards CE
Patent / Utility patent SafetySlider (DE 202008008473)
10 5
AC Soft Magnetic Measurement System
AMH 401

AMH 401

Manufacturer Walker
Production year 2008
AC Soft Magnetic Measurement System - AMH 401
The AMH-401 High Frequency Hysteresisgraph is a personal computer based hysteresisgraph for measuring the magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials. The AMH-401 measures the magnetic properties of soft materials at frequencies from 50 Hz to 1MHz.
Measured Parameters Remanence (Br), Coercivity (Hc), Maximum Induction (Bmax), Maximum Magnetizing Force (Hmax), Core Loss (Pc), Core Loss per Unit Volume (Pcv), Core Loss per Unit Mass (Pcm), Peak Permeability: Bmax/Hmax (μp)
Data output Both core loss and hysteresis loop parameters (with curves) are displayed
Application AC magnetic properties of:
(i) Soft ferrite
(ii) Amorphous cores
(iii) Electrical steels
Sample Size Rings and Toroids :
Outer diameter : 30 - 50mm
Inner diameter : 20 - 40mm
Thickness : 5 - 10mm
11 6
Versatile hydraulic
FlexiPress EP EP25M

FlexiPress EP

Manufacturer STENHØJ
Production year 2008
Versatile hydraulic - FlexiPress EP25M
STENHØJ FlexiPress C-Model with full access from all 3 sides and simple operation the STENHØJ EP range is most versatile hydraulic C frame workshop press currently available for maintenance - and workshop applications.
Motor pump unit Operation of the press is via a single hand operated control valve allowing for infinite adjustment of the ram speed proportional to the control valve position. Additionally, fine adjustment of the pressing force is available.
Standard equipment
  • Double-acting cylinder
  • Press flange for tool mounting
  • Replaceable nose cap
  • 2 V-blocks/straightening blocks
  • Motorized pump unit
Optional extras
  • T-slotted press bed
  • Increased stroke length
  • Motorized power units for special applications
  • Foot control
  • Electric top/lower stop
Tools/Accessories The C-Frame Press can be supplied with tooling for various applications, e.g.
  • Tube bending tool
  • Press Brake tool
  • Pressing tool – arbor set
  • Broaching fixture
  • Clamping tool for fixing wire ends
  • Tool Plate

12 7
Tuning Fork Analytical Balance 
HT 220 Evbra


Manufacturer SHINKO DENSHI CO., LTD.
Production year 2007
Tuning Fork Analytical Balance – HT 220E VIBRA
The HT/HTR Series is a new balance equipped with a high-precision tuning fork sensor mechanism. It windshield is made of antistatic plastic, helping to reduce its weight, and the balance is equipped with a variety of functions such as parts counting, percentage weighing, gravimeter and limit functions that are helpful in weighing fixed amounts. This multifunctional balance employs a user-friendly program, and the keys are arranged in a way that makes the balance easy to operate. In addition, the fluorescent display is eye-friendly, and the balance’s high-speed and stable performance improves your work efficiency.
Capacity 220g
Readability (d) 0.1mg
Verification intervals (e) 1mg
Repeatability 0.1mg
Linearity ±0.3mg
Stabilization time 3.0 sec.
Pan size 80mm dia
Calibration Internal & External
Dimensions 290×200×306 mm
Weights Approx. 2.9kg
13 8
Spin coating systems


Production year 2008
Spin coating systems - ACE-20
High Precision spin coating systems (spin coater)
Most Compact spin coater, high & controllable speed.
Simple step programming, high accuracy, speed R.P.M is up & down free,
The operation is very easy & powerful quick break in high R.P.M as that strong motor in spin coater for various application.
100 steps and 100 recipes stored.
Design is very compact as maintenance are very easy.
Spin coater applies always uniform, piece free coatings with precision.
Wafer size (Max) 0.2 - 4 inch diameter
Bowl size 235m/m
Bowl material SUS or P.P
Special DC Motor U P& Down free
Step 100
Memory storage 100 program
Rotation Speed 0 t0 50~ 8,000 rpm
Hold Time 1~999sec
Accuracy ±1 R.P.M
Acceleration, deceleration free 3,000 R.P.M/sec
Graphic Function Real time for steps Graphic representation
Power Input AC 220V/110V, 50/60 Hz
Vacuum Input -450~ -650mmHg (6mm ID/ 8mm OD)
Display LCD (back Light)
System Controller MCU (Digital Microprocess)
Dimension (WxDxH) 320x420x240 mm
14 9
Chemical Fume Hood
Model 4' Protector PVC Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hood, 115V
Manufacturer Labconco
Production year 2004
Chemical Fume Hood - 4' Protector PVC Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hood, 115V
High performance general chemistry laboratory hoods protect the user from harmful or toxic fumes or vapors generated from a broad range of applications. Containment-enhancing features allow them to operate at lower face velocities than traditional hoods while being energy-efficient and protecting the operator.
Weight 530.0 lbs
Weight metric 240.4 kg
Dimensions 48.0" w x 37.7" d x 59.0" h
Dimensions metric 121.9 x 95.8 x 149.9 cm
Electrical 115 volts, 50/60 Hz
Product Subcategory Perchloric Acid
Nominal Width 4'
Region U.S. and Canada, International
Blower Requirements Remote blower required
Conformance ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, ASTM E84, CAN/CSA C22.2, CFR 29, NFPA 45, SEFA 1, SEFA 8 (Cabinet Surface Finish), UL
Enclosure Height 59.0"
Lighting T8 fluorescent
Style Benchtop
Ultrasonic cleaning unit - Elmasonic

S 60 (H)

Manufacturer Elma
Production year 2008
Ultrasonic cleaning unit - Elmasonic S 60 (H)
Microprocessor controlled ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology. The user-friendly LED-display ensures an excellent operation.
Further advantages:
  • High-performance 37 kHz sandwich transducer systems
  • Cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
  • User-friendly and clear operating panel, splash water proof
  • LED-Display showing set and remaining time of cleaning period
  • Turning knob for setting continued and short-period operation fr om 1 to 30 min
  • Temperature-controlled ultrasonic operation (applies only for units with heating)
  • Sweep function for an optimised sound field distribution in t he cleaning liquid by frequency modulation
  • Degas function for the ef ficient degassing of the cleaning liquid and for laboratory pur poses
  • Auto degas function for automatic degassing cycles, i.e. with fresh cleaning liquids
  • Dry-run protected heating (applies only for units with heatin g)
  • LED-Display for pre-set and actual temperature (applies only for units with heating)
  • Plug-in mains supply (S 10 – S 300H)
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handles
  • Turning knob for tank drainage at side of unit for simple get ef fective draining of tank
Mains voltage (VAC) 220-240 V
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz) 37
Power consumption total S 60 (W) 150
Power consumption total S 60 H (W) 550
Ultrasonic power effective (W) 150
Heating power (units w. heating) (W) 400
Unit outer dimensions W / D / H (mm) 365 / 186 / 264
Tank internal dimensions W / D / H (mm) 300 / 151 / 150
Basket internal dimensions W / D / H (mm) 255 / 115 / 75

16 11
Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets - Cole-Parmer 3"

Cole-Parmer 3", 25ml

Manufacturer Cole-Parmer
Production year 2008
Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets - Cole-Parmer 3", 25ml
Ideal for laboratories that require contamination-free results!
  • Octagonal mortar is made of naturally hard agate stone; 6.5 hardness on Mohs scale
  • Features highly polished grinding surface for optimal results
  • Physical dimensions have a stated tolerance of ±3mm
  • Autoclavable
  • Sold as a set
Capacity 250ML
Product Type Mortar & Pestle Sets
Top OD 152MM
Length 152 mm - pestle
Qty/ea 1
Brand Cole-Parmer
Capacity 250ML
Product Type Mortar & Pestle Sets
Top OD 152MM

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