Vision and Mission


- Hanoi Pedagogical University  No2 trains teachers, scientists, technicians, who have undergraduate and postgraduate level. A center for scientific research and technological transfer serves to developing education, economic, culture of the country and international integration.         

- Hanoi Pedagogical University No2 is a university has interdisciplinary, multi-sector, the dynamic center of scientific research and technological transfer of  the country.

- The basis of teacher training for schools to meet the requirements of educational development in the period to promote industrialization, modernization and international integration, concurrently, training and improving teachers for universities and colleges. 
The center of scientific research, education, basic science and applications, the bridge transfer new technology into practice, education, culture and economy. 
 - Students are to acquire advanced scientific knowledge, been trained in the educational environment and occupational skills to prepare national standards and the region, ready to adapt to the development of society. / .

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