Security Board

Address:  Room 1.25, Headquarter Building
Tel: (0211) 863206
Manager: Truong Xuan Hong
Vice manager:  Tran Thien Hung
Security Boars was established on 15, January 2007 of Rector of Hpu2
Total staff: 43 comrades.
The organizational structure includes:
           The command
Protection Headquarter House
Protection Dormitory Group
Protection and server for closing and opening lecture halls.
Functions and tasks
- Coordinate with forces to protect internal politics.
- Protect assets and facilities in school.
- Protection order, discipline and safety in school.
Annually, unit completes tasks; ensure security, order and property of school. In 2003 and 2005, police of Hanoi awarded certificates; many individuals awarded title emulation soldiers, and certificates of merit, paper of merit of Ministry and school.
Development direction:
Response development of the country and school, promote the results achieved, officials and officers in Unit strives to continuously improve quality of evolutional politics, profession, respect discipline, maintain discipline, innovate management methods. Absolutely Guarantee security and made good work of preserving security - order - an entire society in the whole school.
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