Postgraduate Department

Address: room 1.20 , headquarter building; room 3.30  four – floor building
Tel: (0211) 3863483

Manager: Dr Bui Kien Cuong

Department was established in 2002.

Department has state function of postgraduate training including train doctor, master and improving postgraduate.

At the present, Department has five officers, including 3 Dr, 1 MA and 1 postgraduate student. Party cell has four party members.

Achievements of the unit:

Accelerate scale of postgraduate training f-rom a major in 2002 to 7 major: Pedagogy (primary grade), Literary Theory, analytic Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics, Theory and teaching method of physics, solid physics, and biology experiments.

Department Edited nine majors of master training and a major of doctor training is Analytic Mathematics.

Perform many improving courses of postgraduate for Department for Education and Training, colleges.

At the present, there are hundreds of masters were awarded degree and became core of many Education and training Institution throughout country.

With the excellent performance achieved, Manager was awarded certificate of the Minister of Education and Training, and Prime Minister.

Development orientation:

Postgraduate training of Hpu2 associate with development of economic, society of the country. Continue to expand scale and improve quality of training and international integration. To 2015, scale of postgraduate training will increase five times over now
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