Address: Room 3.1 and 3.2, the four - floor Building
Tel: (0211) 3863201
Head board
Dean: Main lecturer, Ph.D Nguyen The Khoi
Deputy Dean: Ph.D Le Dinh Trong
                     MA. Nguyen Van Thu
Faculty was established on October 11, 1975.
Duties of Faculty is training bachelor of pedagogy in Physics, Pedagogical techniques, Bachelor of Physics (outside Pedagogy) and three majors of postgraduate training: Theory and Method of Teaching Physics, solid physics and Theoretical Physics and mathematical Physics.
Development and maturity of faculty can be divided into three periods:
1975 - 1985 Period
In this Period, Faculty was established in the context of the country has completely united. Conditions of teaching, learning and life were difficult, but all staffs and students tried and determined to complete assigned tasks.
1985 - 1995 Period
In this Period, faculty has gradually stable and positive to promote movement of teaching and learning of staff and students. Staffs with knowledge level significantly enhance. There were several doctors, masters trained at home and abroad. In scientific research, many articles published in magazines at home and abroad. There are many scientific projects of school and ministry level had high quality. Faculty trained teachers who prove the qualities and traditions which have confirmed training prestige and quality of faculty.
1995 – present Period
Nowadays, Faculty has a total of 39 officers, teachers, including 1 associate professor, 10 Doctors, 12 Masters; seven teachers learning research student and postgraduate. Faculty has 4 professional groups, general group has 15 members and Dr Dao Cong Nghinh is group leader, method of teaching group has seven members and Dr. Nguyen The Khoi is group leader, group of theoretical physics has six members and Dr. Tran Thai Hoa is group leader and Technical Physics has 11 members and Dr. Lam Nguyen The is leader group.
At the present, Faculty is training bachelor of pedagogy majors: Physics, Industrial Engineering; bachelor of science in Physics, bachelor of science in Physical Pedagogy for objects graduated pedagogical college, Two majors of postgraduate: solid Physics, Theory and method of teaching Physics.
Since 2008, open Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics majors. Every year, scale of training is nearly 800 students Students graduated who have been confirmed their position in society.. There are many students as Principal, Vice Principal of the school, some are directors of departments. At the present, Faculty have been confirmed its position and brand in society.
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