Personnel Department

Address: Room1.5, Heaquarter Building
Tel: (0211) 3863205

Manager: M.S Chu Vĩnh Quyên
Deputy Manager: Expert, Nguyen Cao Thang

Personnel Department was established in 1967, after the Prime Minister decided to found school (August 14, 1967).

When school moved to Xuan Hoa (October 1975), Personnel Department made gradually good work of school structured organization, building staffs, lecturers who have intelligence, confidential to build development of school. F-rom 1980 to 1992, Department also undertaken additional task manage students.

In 40 years, Department has made good to advise the Party Committee – School managing Board about work of staff structured organization, building and nurturing staffs, Lecturers; Has Managed, used and implemented policies for officers, employees; has sent hundreds of officers and lecturers training of master, doctoral levels in home and abroad.

Department was awarded certificate of merits by Prime Minister, Ministry of Minister of Education and Training; many staffs received certificate of merit of the Minister of Education and Training, medal and campaign medal for achievement of State Organization, for Education Achievement.

At the present, Department has 5 staffs. With the knowledge and experience of organization and management works, Department has been very positive contribution to build Apparatus; project and develop staffs, lecturers and contributes to school work, labor efficiency, cre-ate stability and development firm of the school.

In the coming period, according to school development plan to 2010, 2015 and 2020, school will develop multi-disciplinary, multi-field and open new ologies in the fields of basic sciences, pedagogy, technology, environment, arts,… organizations working must prepare for open new ologies, including particular emphasized woks: planning, building scientist staffs, lecturers and employees management.

Accordingly, Department will advise, propose to Party committee and school managing board to build choice regulations people with high degree and good student, concretizing policies to attract scientists, experts come to work or teaching in school cooperating science, building programs, training plans, Improving professional management and foreign languages to staffs, constructing regimes to attract staffs building regulations, managing operations, labor norms clear, suitable reward ...
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