Department of Mathematics, Ha Noi Pedagogical University 2

Address: Room 2.4 and Room 2.5, Four-Floor Building, Headquarters
Phone: 00 84 211 3 863 200 (f-rom an oversea phone), 0211 3863 200 ( f-rom a domestic phone)
Department Administrators:
Head of Department: PhD Tran Minh Tuoc
Deputy Head of Department: PhD Tran Van Bang
                                            M.A Nguyen Huy Hung
A big welcome to Department of Mathematics!

The core task of mathematics department is to train student teachers; that is the full time four-year bachelor programme in secondary school mathematics education. In addition in the last five year the department has also offered a bachelor programme in mathematics, some part time bachelor programmes in mathematics education, an oriented bachelor programme in mathematics education (to train the human resources for some
mountainous and difficult provinces in Vietnam) and especially, a master programme in mathematics (specialised in analysis). All new training programmes are for meeting the demand of high quality human resources for the industrialisation and modernisation process in our country.
Apart f-rom the programmes above our academic staff are also responsible to deliver mathematics courses for students f-rom other departments of Ha Noi Pedagogical University 2.

Since our establishment to now there have been more than 6,000 full time and 2,000 part time teachers graduating f-rom the department. Our graduates have come to many places around the country to contribute their parts to the education development. Some of them have been very successful and are holding some key positions, not only in educational
organisations but also in other parts of the public sector.

The department of mathematics annually fields a student team to participate in the national student mathematics competition. Our team always obtains good results with many first, second or third prizes and have been known by friends f-rom other universities around the country.
In the last ten years a mathematical magazine called ''Mathematics in School'' has been edited by some young academic staff along with some students and this magazine has truly been a very exciting forum for our students to exchange their mathematics research and solving mathematics experience.

Our contribution and success have been recognised by the party and the government. In the last three years the department of mathematics has been the '' excellent unit'' and was awarded ''The merit certificate'' by the Minister of Education and Training. In the academic year 2008-2009 the department of mathematics was nominated to the Prime Minister to get the merit certificate.

In the near future the department of mathematics will strengthen and extend the training capacity for the bachelor programmes in mathematics education and mathematics. The department will offer a high quality programme which is based on the success of the current advanced mathematics courses for best students. We are going to introduce two
more master programmes in mathematics education and mathematics for computing. Parallel to that our academic staff will strengthen and be active with research activities so that we may soon offer the doctorate programme in analysis.
Under the leadership by the party board and the administrators, with the endeavour by all the academic teaching and supporting staff and along with the contribution by the UNI0N, the department of mathematics has maintained the leading position in the innovation trend
and sustainable development at Ha Noi Pedagogical University 2.
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