International Relations

Department of International Relations, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

Mailing Address: Room 1.4, Headquarters Building, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2
                            Nguyen Van Linh Street, Xuan Hoa, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc
Phone: 0084 211 3540 798
Fax: 0084 211 386 3207 (to International Relations, please!)
Hotline: 0084 123 608 3407

The Department of International Relations (DIR), Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 (HPU2) was founded on 27 April, 2010;  Decision N0 132/QĐ-ĐHSPHN2 signed by Prof. Nguyen Van Ma, Rector of HPU2.
The introduction of this school unit is to show the vision of the leaders of HPU2 for the future development of our school. It also proves the big progress of the recent cooperation between HPU2 with overseas partners

Situated in Xuan Hoa, Vinh Phuc, about twenty minutes traveling  by car f-rom the international airport (Noi Bai) HPU2 is one of only a few pedagogical universities in Vietnam. HPU2 has nearly 500 staff members, around 6,000 full-time students and 12,000 part-time or in-service training students. There are totally ten faculties, ten functioning departments, nine other units as well as a secondary school. The main task of the school is to train upper secondary school teachers through eleven bachelor programmes in education  for most of provinces in the northern Vietnam. In recent years HPU2 has also offered some not-teacher-training bachelor programmes (eight at this moment) to develop the human resource to meet the industrialisation and modernisation process having been happening in our country. Apart f-rom undergraduate programmes HPU2 has also offered one doctorate and eight master programmes. The HPU2 alumni have been present at schools of almost every provinces in Vietnam. Some of them have been deputies of parliaments, leaders, administrators, writers, journalists and many outstanding secondary school teachers. To credit the merit of HPU2 the Party, the Government and the Ministry of Education, Vietnam have given the school many precious awards such as Orders, Medals or Certificates of Merit.

In the last few years HPU2 leaders have signed memorandum of cooperation or understanding with overseas partners f-rom Germany, the US, the Philippines and China. There have been some delegations to visit HPU2 to look for cooperation and HPU2 has student exchange programmes with some Chinese universities. HPU2 delegations have visited universities in the US, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, China to extend our school relations and look for partnership. The establishment of the DIR-HPU2 is to help and advise HPU2 leaders to implement commitments signed with our oversea partners. DIR-HPU2 also has the task to look for new friends for HPU2 with training and research cooperation. The unit also hopes to become the bridge for the school academics staffs to oversea colleagues as well as the ones who want to look for the opportunity to invest or collaborate with HPU2 or any local partners.

The HPU2 leaders hope that with the DIR  the international cooperation between HPU2 and overseas partners will go ahead with wider and deeper levels. The staff members of DIR-HPU2 are very excited with the new role and they know about their hard but glorious task ahead. They must strive all their best to meet the authorisation and requirements of the HPU2 directorate. They also hope that they always have guidance, advice and assistance by leaders and staffs of all concerned units inside the school so that they can do their job well.

Staff members of DIR-HPU2

        1. Vũ Công Hảo;

 Position: Head


  • 2. Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, BSc, Chinese Language, China

  Position: Staff 


Cell phone: 0084 (0) 902 431 213

  • 3. Nguyễn Thị Yến, BSc, Political Science, Việt Nam; Intensive English Training Course Certificate, The Philippines

  Position: Staff


Cell phone: 0084 (0) 974  423  013 

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