Hanoi National Defense Center No.2

Address: group - 4, Xuan Hoa Ward, Phuc Yen Town, Vinh Phuc Province
Tel: (+84)2113.880599
Director: Assoc. Pro. Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen
Vice Director:  Lieutenant Colonel Phan Xuan Dung
                       Lieutenant Colonel Ha Manh Hung
                       Senior Lieutenant Colonel Dao Van Chung
Center was established by decision No. 2630/QD-BGD & DT-TCCB on 27, July 1999 by the Minister of Education and Training.
Currently, organizational structure includes:
Board of Directors.
Administration - General - political work department.
Department of training and student management.
Department of Logistics - Engineering.
Faculty of Military Policy.
Faculty of Engineering - Tactics.
Party cell has 24 party members. Center has 53 staffs, including: dispatched officers: 23 comrades; a staff is belong to Hpu2; contract worker: 29 comrades;
Functions and tasks:
 Educate defense to pupils, students of universities, colleges, secondary schools and Technical secondary and vocational schools in areas of Hanoi, Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho.
Train and improve teachers of defense education.
Research science of military pedagogy.
Implement works of local military in the school.
Achievements of the unit:
Educate defense for students of 14 universities and colleges of Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho province with total 69,622 students.
Educate defense for pupils of 7 high schools, Technical secondary schools and vocational training with total: 48,750 pupils.
Train seven courses for teachers of defense education in six months for high schools, Technical secondary schools with total 354 graduates.
Join to train teachers of regular system of Physical Education - defense Education major and has 188 students.
Scientific research
Completely compile detail program of defense education for pupils, students follow frame program of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education and Training with 04 requirement modules. Scientific Reports about student’s defense education were published in newspapers: People's Army, national defense magazine, published in summary records of ministry Conference, study summary records of the school.
Center has excellently completed two scientific research topics of ministry and school level. Currently, continuing to do some scientific research topics of school level. Construction facilities Center positively proactively builds facilities to serve teaching and learning, activities of the staff, teachers and students.
Invest equipment for teaching and learning, for scientific research as: projectors, computers, machine of target practice.
Construct work areas for departments, faculties and housing of staffs, lectures, student cafeterias. Frequently, consolidate and upgrade equipments of lecture hall and classrooms.
Invest to construct areas of sport practice, entertainments, performances for staffs, lecturers and students.
With achievements have been achieved in more than 30 years, Center and two individuals were awarded 02 Certificate of Merit of the government, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Defense, capital military and hpu2 awarded 12 Certificate of Merit, many papers of merit, the title excellent labor community, many teachers are awarded for the best teachers of ministry and school level
Development orientation
 Center was received 10.3 hectares by people’s committee of Vinh Phuc province to build a new campus; the project is being implemented. The Government has approved construction, improvement system of defense education centers throughout country, including Center approved 91 billion to building. To 2010, Center reach to educate defense education for 12,000 students each year, 6000 pupils of high schools, technical secondary schools and vocational training; training 500 teachers for teachers of defense Education of short system and long term focus. Expanding links to train teachers of defense education in short-term for local.
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