Foreign Languages

ddress: 1.19 Room, headquarter Building
Tel: (0211) 3863679
Head Board
Dean:             M.A Nguyen Van Den
Vice Dean:     M.A Nguyen Thi Le

Formerly, foreign language Faculty was the Foreign Languages Subject;
Faculty of Foreign Languages were established on 15, January 2007 with staff has 20 members, including 4 masters, 7 main lecturers, 12 lecturers and 1 Expert.
Teach English, Russian for Students of Bachelor of Science in English majors; teach English for students in the School and manages students of Foreign Languages Faculty.
At the present, Faculty has 218 students of English major and nearly 200 students of English extension system.
Organize, welcome, join conference and signing cooperation of school with foreign universities.
Faculty has been affirmed as a faculty to ensure the collection, exchange and science cooperation for students generations of the school.
Improve for staffs and officials to strengthen their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Russian, English, French and Chinese.
Faculty was equipped a modern sound room, Lab room has expenditure 700 million , ensuring the conditions about listening, looking, documents and access the Internet.
Next years, development trend of faculty is to continue building and improving the quality of lecturers, staff management to make better political tasks.
Develop scale of English regular system training , open Chinese major in 2011, training other universal international languages to meet requirements of society.
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