Education Psychology

Department of Psychology and Eduation

Address: Room 1.19 - Office centre
Tel: (0211) 3863677
Dean of Department:  PhD Nguyen Dinh Manh
Vice Dean:                M.A Le Xuan Tien 

Department of Psychology and Education was established in 1967.

Polotical tasks of the Department: Teaching subjects of Psychology and Education for students of science; practising career for student, pedagogical practice for 4th-year-student; Teaching subjects of Psychology and Education for student training system; scientific research to improving the quality of teaching.

Currently, Department has a total of 12 officers, lectures, including 1 PhD, 8 MSc, 3 BSc; 7 Senior lectures and 5 lectures. Department has a Party unit sets of 5 party members.

Achievment of the Department:

Every year, Department has reached 100% staff working title of advanced; Psychology unit, Education unit and Department of Psychology and Education achieve the title of the labor collective advanced, (academic year 2003 - 2004, Department of Psychology and Education was recognized as the labor colltive excellence), 30% of officers reach the title of ....

Complete our mission of teaching, practising career, pedagogical pracitce for 4th-year-student. 85% of students meet the requirements upward f-rom the first test, in which 35% achieved quite good, 100 % achieved at improving vocational and pedagogical pracices quite well. Coordinate with other falcuties and Hanoi Pedagogical University N2 successfully organized the Pedagogical professional skills contest in all levels. Well join training pedagogical professional team, participate in "Exchange pedagogical professional in North Central area".

On scientific research, we have issued three departmental scientific themes of the acceptance test and achieve good results, one department scientific theme is completed and waiting for acceptance test, register 2 new departmental scientific themes.

Department successfully organized an annual scientific conference and a scientific conference for our staff. Many curriculum, reference materials for students are published.
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