Address: Room 1.2 at the 4 – floor Headquarters Building.

Tel: (0211) 3880934

Dean:             PhD Dao Thi Viet Anh
Deputy Dean: MS Le Cao Khai
Chemistry Faculty of Hanoi Pedagogical University No.2 (HPU2) was established under Decision No. 44/QD, on 10th, January 1978 of the Minister of Education (the Ministry of Education and Training nowadays). There were four professional groups at this period: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical – Physics, Analysis Chemistry. Nguyen Xuan Khoat held the first Dean post. Right f-rom inception, Chemistry Faculty has always made good political tasks and obtained many achievements in the fields of training and scientific research as well as cultivated, standardized high school teachers, which meet the standards of four-year system for provinces.

Between 1980 and 2004, due to objective causes related to training needs and training plans of the country, Chemistry Faculty merged with the Faculty of Biology – Agriculture Technology. This period, the Faculty has the task is teaching the subjects of chemical, which serviced training work pedagogical bachelors of Biology – Agriculture Technology. Since 1990, the teachers participated in building training programs Bachelor of Biology – Chemistry and training 15 courses continually, which meet the needs of society about teaching Chemistry subject for high schools.

In 2005, there have been the HPU2’s demand is expanding the size of training in multidisciplinary-logy and multi-field, and the need of the Faculty is training teachers in Chemistry subjects for the country. Accordingly, Chemistry Faculty was re-established with the task is training bachelors of pedagogical science in Chemistry, teaching Chemical subjects for the Faculties of Biology, Physics and Primary Education, and training in – service for local schools.
Under teaching staff includes: PhDs, MAs, the core teachers, experienced lecturers who teach and research science, the Faculty has been growing in training scale, quality and training staff.
Chemistry Faculty has currently trained nearly 600 regular students and more than 500 in-service students in locals. The Faculty provides more than 100 graduates in regular system and hundreds of in-service graduates each year for society.

The Faculty has been associated with other agencies, which are inside and outside the school, about training and collaboration, such as Vietnam Institute of Science and Technology (Chemistry Institute of Natural Compounds, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Tropical Technology), Hanoi Pedagogical University No 2, Natural Sciences University- Hanoi National University and other universities throughout the country. That aim at improving the quality of education, meeting the requirements of educational innovation, as well as satisfying the demands of society.

As regard to research science, the staff of the Faculty has participated in several scientific conferences inside and outside the school and successfully defended with high results many topics of science and technology at Ministry level, University level. Many scientific themes at all levels are being implemented to continue research. Some curriculums, lectures and reference materials have been published. Under these achievements which have been achieved in teaching and scientific research, many teachers in the Faculty were awarded the titles of “Soldier in Emulation” at grassroots level and Ministry level , Certificate of Merit f-rom the Minister of Education and Training, by Ministry of Education & Training HPU2.

In the coming years, the Faculty will open chemic-logy code of organic chemistry for training Master and gradually prepare for opening more other majors for training Masters and PhD.

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