Biology-Agricultural Technology

Address: Room 3.4, 3.5, the four - floor Building 

Tel: (0211) 3863202

Head board

Dean: PhD Nguyen Van Dinh

Deputy Dean: M.S Luu Thi Uyen
                       M.S Luu Thi Kim Huyen

Faculty was established in 1977

Initially, Faculty had only 15 officers. Currently, Faculty has 46 staff members, including almost teachers have master's degree and higher, Faulty has 6 professional groups: Plant - Microbiology, Physiology - Biochemical, Zoology, teaching method, Genetic and agricultural technology.

Faculty has developed several training programs for regular system, irregular system of majors: Biology – agricultural technology, biology-Chemistry, Biological Pedagogy, Bachelor of Science in Biology, master of experimental biology.
Faculty is training 711 students of regular system, 592 students of irregular system and 56 postgraduate students. Facilities of the faculty is equipped more modern to meet training requirements in the new period, to meet changing of teaching methods, increase to use information technology in teaching. Laboratory system was built by direction of basic training combine with practical applications, to meet the tasks of teaching and scientific research.

Faculty and school have been building project “biochemical equipment” and contribute to increase capacity of teaching and scientific research. Besides, experimental area has 15 rooms; Faculty also has system of grid house serving specialized lectures and scientific research very effectively.

Central tasks of faculty is improving quality of training, starting f-rom the modified training programs, improving quality of exercises, innovative teaching methods, increasingly use lesson plan of electric. 
            In 10 years, faculty has had 30 topic times of Ministry level, a ministerial-level research projects implemented, five scientific research programs of the State level, many technological science topics of basis level effectively implemented. Almost subjects were checked and good results, many topics have been put into practical application. Faculty has 20 lecturers, who have successfully defended doctoral thesis at home and abroad of majors: Plants Physiology, human Physiology and Zoology, Plants, Microbiology, Plants Protection, Classification of Plants, animal’s ecology, genetics, physics Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.... 
            The achievements in teaching and scientific research have confirmed the Faculty increasingly matures gigantic to meet requirements of major and society. 
          The direction of the faculty in the coming time is to continue to further activities scientific research by the way combine basic science research and educational science. Encouraging staff participate to write curriculums, lectures, reference books, positively innovates contents and teaching methods in order to constantly improve quality and brand of the faculty and school.
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